I get this white, flakey crumbly stuff on my ears and around & just inside the opening to the ear canal. Clobetasol helps. Seborrheic dermatitis?

Probably. It probably is seborrheic dermatitis especially if you get flaking on the sides of your nose your eyebrows and your scalp or chest areas. However clobetasol is too strong for that area. Have it checked out by a dermatologist to determine the best and safest treatment plan.

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Anything wrong with treating my weekly seborrheic dermatitis just outside ear canal with triamcinolone?

Try hydrocortisone. Seborrheic dermatitis of nonscalp regions is extremely steroid-responsive, and therefore potent fluorinated steroids need not be used. Moreover, since the face and body folds are often involved, prescribe a nonfluorinated (nonatrophogenic) steroid (eg, desonide 0.5%, alclometasone dipropionate cream, or hydrocortisone 2.5% cream) to be applied twice daily or 3 times daily. Read more...