I had two wisdom teeth removed 1 week ago today and seem to be doing just fine is it okay to drink alcohol at this point?

Yes. As long as you are no longer taking any pain medications. And as always never drink and drive.
Wisdom teeth ; Alcoh. If anything was to go wrong with the healing of your extraction sites, it usually happens in the first 48 hours. You can always check to make sure the soft tissue has completely healed over the extraction sites. If it looks like the extraction sites are still exposed then hold off and it is always best to have a quick post op appointment with your doctor to confirm. Jeffrey r. Briney, d.D.S.
Go to happy hour now. Consumption of alcohol (or an alcohol based mouthwash)is not recomended after an extraction due to the possibility of washing out the blood clot from the socket. Alcohol is also a blood thinner which can slow the clotting time. (and it can dangerously increase your blood pressure pre and post extraction) one week out, without symptoms of a dry socket, means you are probably good to go! cheers!