What do doctors do when a child is diagnosed with chronic kidney disease?

Begin education. The DX of any life altering illness requires a broad range of training to understand the dx, ways it will or won't affect daily activities & diet, expected changes in long term plans. The process is an ongoing one & often relies on a team of physicians, medical social workers, nurses and dietitians. Education for the child is targeted to their level of understanding.
CKD. It really depends on the type and cause of chronic kidney disease. Often with children its due to physical issues (one kidney, posterior urethral valves, etc...) but it can also be due to acute glomerulonephritis (henoch-schonlein purpura, minimal change disease, etc)... So the treatment will be based on the etiology.

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How probable is it to be misdiagnosed by doctors as having chronic kidney disease?

Misdiagnosis. Patients with chronic kidney disease (ckd)should see a nephrologist. To determine their stage, they need a 24 hour urine collection (24 uc) for creatinine clearance and protein. Once that is done, the stage of CKD the patient has is readily determined and therapy can commence. Did the patient in question have a 24 uc? Was the patient seen by a nephrologist?

Could a doc please explain me how the chronic kidney disease secondary to diabetes mellitus works?

Trauma. THe simplest way is to consider the delicate kidney and its filtering system. Now think of a sugar granule all sharp and jagged. At 200 your sugar will pass into the urine the higher your glucose goes the more sugar you pass and the more these sugar granules traumatize the delicate kidney. That's is the easiest way to answer this in 400 letters.

I have tuberous sclerosis, stage 2 chronic kidney disease& aml's. Just got back from nih &doctors are concerned. How can I improve my kidney function?

Contact your PCP. Contact your pcp or others with intimate knowledge of your various problems. This kind of advise can only be provided after reviewing your case which is not realistic on this forum.

Is it safe to have another child after being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease?

Yes. Your ability to get pregnant, as well as the outcomes of your pregnancy will depend on the extent of your ckd. Early stage CKD should not affect the outcomes, but you should see a nephrologist as part of your care. Be mindful that pregnancy itself can make your CKD worse. However, if you receive the right care, nothing should stop you from having a child. Even patients on dialysis have kids!

Can I have one more child after I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease?

Yes and No. In the usa, we have one of the best medical systems in the world. This pregnancy would be high risk and could threaten you and the baby's life. I would get several opinions before you push the limits of your renal disease. Hope this helps.
Depends. Women with CKD can find it difficult in becoming pregnant and if become pregnant are at increased risks for complications such uncontrolled HTN and ecclapmsia. What is known is that the worse your kidney disease, the more unlikely you will be able to conceive. Suggest consult with your doctor about your options.

My dad has been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. How long would he have left?

Difficult to answer. Depending on the stage and his age. In early chronic kidney disease his life expectancy may not be affected. Even after the kidneys fail completely he can go on dialysis or have transplantation.