I fell down the stairs 2 days ago. My hand is swollen and bruised. What do you think is wrong with it? It also hurts to move my pinky finger.

Get X-Rays. Depending on the position of your hand and your pinky finger, you may have anything from a minor bone or soft tissue bruise to something more severe like a fracture involving one of the bones of the hand. Have your local pcp evaluate the injury, get x-rays and advise you as to your next step in management.
Be seen. There are a lot of possibilities. Including a strain or tear of a ligament in the wrist or even a fracture. A detailed exam and x-ray will go a long way in making sure it is not a more serious injury.

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I fell yesterday and the outside of my hand is swollen and bruised from my wrist half way down my pinkie. I can move all my fingers it hurts swollen?

Soft tissue injury . It may just be soft tissue injury and ice application and Analgesic medication are the mainstay of treatment. However if pain and swelling persist could be fracture of the bones in the hand or wrist. Read more...
Given what you . Have wrote, I feel an xray is in order. Ice and elevation with compression if possible with a small ace bandage. Don't wrap too tight that you cut off your circulation. Read more...