Which doctors have experience performing hallux rigidus minimally invasive surgery in nj/pa or nearby states?

See below. You can also see a podiatrist who is trained in surgery and care of the foot and ankle. Remember there are several ways to correct hallux rigidus.
Your PCP should be - Able to recommend the local orthopedist or a podiatrist. Good luck.
I would think. most foot doctors however, I would caution that this procedure when done open is not so "invasive" as you are simply grinding bone away. I think there are advantages to opening vs minimal where these procedures are doe blindly and have potential to cause more harm then good. (not everyone shares this opinion you should know.)
Orthopedic surgeon. Look for an orthopaedic surgeon who is subspeciality trained in foot and ankle surgery. The physicians affiliated with u penn, umdnj, and thomas jefferson university are all excellent.