What are some symptoms of child depression, aroung age 10-11 years?

Similar to Adults. The symptoms of depression in children are similar to those of adults. However, there is some evidence that depressed children may be more likely to display irritability than depressed adults. Also, there is a greater likelihood of behavioral difficulties, which will often show up in the school setting.
Multiple. among the symptoms are pervasive irritability, sadness, crying, difficulty with sleep, increased impulisty, difficulty getting to sleep or getting up very early and not getting back to sleep, decreased appetite or over eating, poor performance in school, loss of interest in things that previously interested the child, increased oppositional behavior.
Many. Children become withdrawn, sad, irritable, tearful. Easily overwhelmed. They may feel hopeless and the cease to enjoy activities they once loved. School suffers as well, grades decrease.They look sad. Their sleep patterns change as well as their appetite. Make sure your child is not being bullied. What changes are there at home. If you are concerned, talk to the school counselor and a psychiatrist.