What are good lunch ideas for lactose intolerant kids?

Any non dairy. Milk intolerance is widespread. Oddly enough we are the only species that i know of that drinks the milk of another species as a dietary staple. Hormones are given to cows and antibiotics are given to prevent udder infection. These are passed on to the child in the milk. I have seen a hyperactive child become normal within 5 days of stopping milk drinking.

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Could you tell me what are good lunch ideas for lactose intolerant children?

There are many foods. The university of rochester medical center pediatric nutrition web page has a long list of lactose-free foods (plus things to avoid): www.Urmc.Rochester.Edu/childrens-hospital/nutrition/lactose-free.Cfm lactose intolerant persons (over age 3 yrs) can always take lactaid chewables or tablets with meals or snacks that contain lactose. Lactaid milk is fine, and comes as whole, lowfat, or nonfat milk. Read more...