What could cause chronic elbow pain with swelling. Pain radiates to hand and wrist. Sometimes to shoulder. At times jabbing pain. Have had for a year.

See physician. To be sure. However, this could be a couple things, including a chronic bursitis which is causing pressure on the ulnar nerve causing the radiating pain. There are a number of other structures in the elbow that can cause chronic inflammation though and thorough history and physical is necessary with possible imaging.
Elbow pain. The causes of an elbow pain can be multiple - arthritis, epicondylitis, tumors, nerve related ones. You will need a more thorough history and physical exam to arrive to correct diagnosis. Consult with your doc if you've not done so.

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Pain in left arm. Starts around elbow. Pain radiates to thumb. Sometimes tingling fingers. Yesterday had shooting pain across shoulder when extended arm.

Sounds like pinched. nerve, but any pain in left arm is concerning for angina. You are quite young to develop heart disease, but you should see your doctor to make sure your heart is ok, especially if you have risk factors. Read more...