Swollen, red, itchy eye in a child. Infection or allergies?

Conjunctivitis. Red itchy eyes, sometimes with swelling describes conjunctivitis. There are different causes, from allergic, viral, chemical and bacterial. If it is not resolved in a couple of days, and if there is swelling and green yellow discharge from the eye, have your child evaluated by your doc.
Red eyes. There are scores of causes for a red itchy eye, two of which you have mentioned. Your pediatrician will need to ask you a few questions in order to determine the correct treatment. If warm compresses do not offer relief, please make an appointment.

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I have red, swollen, itchy eyes. Could this be due to makeup allergy?

Yes. Red, itchy, swollen eyes may indicate an allergy to almost anything...Laundry detergent, dryer sheets, eye makeup, lotions, mail polish and may other things.
Absolutely. But there are other causes of swollen and itching eyes: seasonal allergies, pet dander, and even some forms of pink eye. Antihistamine eye drops can decrease the allergic response, but it is best to have an eye doctor check you out before starting your own medication regimen.
Homeopathy. Consider homeopathic treatment for allergic symptoms. There are a few homeopathic remedies with great affinity for eye symptoms associated with seasonal allergies.

4 yearl old's allergies very bad, nose stuffy and itchy, eyes red, swollen and itchy. I gave him zyrtec (cetirizine) at 7.30am, bendryl pr 6h not working. Help?

May need more. Antihistamine like zyrtec is good, but may need to consider daily nasal saline rinses/sprays, adding a nasal steroid (prescription only), and prescription allergy eye drops. During different seasons, some people just might need more therapy. Also consider getting allergy testing done with doctor.

I got allergies and I don't know if I should go to the dr itchy eyes, red eyes and swollen can't breath dizzy wartty nose

No. No question you should see a doctor. From what you briefly describe it sounds allergic in nature and you should see your pcp and an allergist if your regular doctor cannot help you.
I. I would recommend that you see a local allergist. They will be able to test you to see what allergies you have. With this information they can recommend avoidance strategies, medication options and the possibility of allergy shots so that you can have relief.

My 8 month old baby has had red itchy eyes for a week now but no gunk. Is it just allergies? If so how do I find out what's causing it?

See an eyeMD. How do you know that they itch? That is a symptom. Mif the eyes are red, that could be caused by a variety of things. No "gunk"is a good thing, but my best advice is to see an ophthalmologist.
Allergy. If you have a pet then it may be the cause. Please keep the area clean and dust free. Wash the face and eye with cold water and use cold compressors. Please avoid detergent and harsh material around the baby. Please consult your ped. Doc.
Red itchy eyes. Domes she sleep with stuffed animals, or a feather pillow, these are only a couple of things that could cause allergic conjunctivitis. Check her bedroom for other possible causes such as dust or plants/flowers.
M.D. visit. If your baby has a blotchy rash that looks like hives this is also consistent with an allergic reaction. Red eyes may be caused by many conditions I would suggest gently rinsing the eyes with sterile saline to soothe the eye, and avoid any possible triggering agent such as dust. A visit with you doctor is suggested.

What is the best eye allergy drops for eye allergies that result in swollen itchy eyes, specifically those which result in a lot of mucus?

They do exist. There are several otc eye drops specifically for allergies. There are other eye drops that may mask symptoms but are not specifically treating the cause. Topical decongestants are in the second category. Read labels and ingredients. A pharmacist should also be able to help. Each appropriate product will help any but not all.

8 year old is in tears over burning legs. (they are not hot to touch) seasonal allergies are bad. Burning swollen itchy eyes. Why are legs burning?

Uncertain. Seasonal allergy is not related to burning legs which may be a neurologic issue. If your child has eczema, it may be from the excessive dry skin which may be relieved by application of a moisturizer 2x daily preferably with at least one within 3 minutes after bathing. You may also try a 4% lidocaine lotion to see if this helps. If problem persists, see a doctor.

Sneezing, itchy eyes. I wake up with a sore throat, I have swollen lymph nodes in neck for awhile. What could be the cause? Allergies

Multiple. Allergies, upper respiratory infection, and cancer would be considerations. While cancer would be most worrisome if you were older and smoked, there are some blood cancers that can cause this. It is very rare. If the nodes don't go away in a week or so, see your doctor.
Allergies likely. Sounds like fairly typical allergy symptoms. A cold (uri) and allergy can be very similar, but a cold lasts 5-7 days and you feel more sick. Allergies last much longer, like for an entire season, or year round. You don't feel quite as ill with allergies.
Monitoring Centers. Lymphatic system absorbs/carries things too big to go into the arteries/veins like bacteria eaten by white cells and digested food. Lymph nodes "taste" the lymph for anything bad like bacteria/viruses/cancers, etc. When it detects a problem, it alerts the immune system and your body reacts. They enlarge in response to the inflammation they create when they react. They shrink when all is well.