Should I have hepatitis b, rubella, and flu shots before I try to have a baby?

Vaccinations. It is better to be vaccinated against rubella and hepatitis b before you get pregnant. Flu shots are given annually in the fall before the beginning of flu season. Since pregnant women are vulnerable to flu, all pregnant women should have a flu shot.
Good idea. I would add a tdap, the booster for whooping cough, diptheria & tetanus to your choices. The flu vaccine has little carry over from season to season but getting one every year is smart.Your ob/gyn can do a simple test for rubella immunity & tell you if you need a boost.
Yes. Hep B is a series of 3 shots over 3 months and should be given before pregnancy as well as the MMR. The flu sht as well as the Tdap can be given during pregnancy.

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Are hepatitis B and flu vaccine required for nurses or can you opt out?

Why. Both entities can kill you and a nurse is at higher risk of exposure to both. The feds require that I offer Hep B free of charge to my staff and I require that they get the flu shot every year if they plan to work for me. If you are not interested in getting these vaccines, please stay out of the health care field. We don't need infected nurses spreading the germs to unsuspecting patients. Read more...
Employer dependent. Some employers require these immunizations as a condition of employment. Refuse the immunization, lose your job. Others may allow opting out based on religious grounds or for other reasons. The major reasons the immunizations are required is patient and employee protection. Thanks for trusting HealthTap! Read more...