Severe sharp lower stomach pain nausea fatigue mild headaches lower back pain cramps 2 weeks until period had sex in past 7 days on bc doctor unsure?

Too early. It is unlikely that your symptoms are pregnancy related, and even if you did get pregnant, it is too early to detect on a pregnancy test. I would plan on taking a test when you get your period, and repeat this test a week later just to be sure.

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I have lower back pain and cold chills with stomach pain and leg cramps what can this be?

Back pain. This could be any one of a dozen things. The only way in which to investigate this is to be seen by a doctor, examined, have some labs and imaging studies done, all after providing a full history. Frankly this sounds very severe and should be looked into immediately. If you cannot see a family doctor now, go to an ER. Good luck. Read more...

Have ongoing lower back pain with headaches and stomach ache. Yesterday had severe cramps after eating small snack bar and had to rush to toilet?

GI workup. Could be anything from gastritis (viral stomach bug) to ulcer, gall bladder, diverticulitis. I believe a GI work up is in order. If your discomfort is very high, a visit to the ER might be warranted. Best Wishes. Read more...