I've been off of my wellbutrin (bupropion) for 2 weeks now. Got refill, is it still in my system and how long until I feel better again? (450 mgs)

2-3 days to 8wks. Although most symptoms subside within a few days, some may continue for 8 weeks or more and require medical attention. Early intervention greatly improves treatment and control of symptoms due to withdrawal. With proper medical advice, discontinuing wellbutrin (bupropion) is safe. Most people experience mild symptoms that last for a few days while the body readjusts. Expert insight.
No longer in system. After 2 weeks, the bupropion has been out of your system for some time. You should feel better after a few days of restarting the bupropion though, especially if you had been on the bupropion for awhile. Don't let your prescription lapse in the future.