2 + elisa, 1 -western blot, 1 -ifa and -natt, 2 -oraquick hometest all 1 year after exposure. Is HIV my problem?

HIV testing. No, but you no longer should ever do the HIV antibody test. If your doctors are not giving you the HIV pcr test then you may need to change who is testing you if you are worried about HIV exposure.

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2 false pos ELISA HIV tests, all 1 1/2 years post exposure. Neg western blot, ifa, naat and 2 neg oraquick home tests. What is my HIV status? Help!

Likely negative. There is typically a "window" of 3-6 months after exposure where you could be HIV positive but test negative. Since you didn't get your testing until well after that, i'd say the confirmatory tests (western blot, ifa) are what you should go by. The elisa is very sensitive and can have false positives- that's why we rely on the confirmatory tests. I would consider your status to be negative. Read more...