Have a rash on my chest small patch three patches on back. Slightly itchy and sore. Red very small blisters. Also suspect I have a yeast infection.

Possibly shingles. If the patches are in a line-like pattern (as opposed to a random pattern), it is likely you have shingles (reactivation of chicken pox virus), and you need a prescription for an antiviral medication if the rash began within the past 3 days. Sometimes a steroid such as Hydrocortisone or Prednisone is also prescribed. The yeast infection can be treated with an antifungal medication. See your pcp.
?shingles. If the rash is all on one side, this sounds like herpes zoster(shingles). Have your md see the rash and if it's shingles, treatment can be prescribed.

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Rash patch on chest and three on upper back. Slightly itchy small blisters redness. Also suspect I have a yeast infection. Nothing new in diet or soap?

?shingles. If the blisters are on one side only and are on the same level in the front and back, this could be herpes zoster(shingles) rather than allergic reactions or yeast.. Have your md check this. Read more...

Could it be a yeast infection? "hi, I have a rash in between my leg and my vergina an it was itchy and it was pilling I m assuming due to the scratching I would to but know its not itchy but it is sensitive and red but it looks like its going away. Is it

There . There are many possible source of your "rash". Allergic reaction: could you be sensitive to the material or elastic in a swimsuit, panties, shorts or pants? If so, an antihistimene tablet would help (benadryl, claritin, (loratadine) zyrtec) yeast: typically red with well defined borders, and a hazy white surface. May or may not have clumpy-white discharge. You can try any of the yeast preparations. Irritant: extremely itchy and red. Try an anti-itch cream (outside only). The drug stores have 1% hydrocortisone. Good luck. Read more...