Can Prilosec cause you to have high blood pressure?

Not likely. Prilosec has not been known to cause high blood pressure. Perhaps in combination with something other medicine in your regimen. It would be wise to consult your doctor to determine the cause and treatment option. Be well!
Not usually. I think that high blood pressure would be a very rare side effect of Prilosec as many patients with known hypertension take it without aggravating their condition.

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What could cause a healthy sixteen year old boy to have high blood pressure?

Varies. This is common in the overweight kid, but can also accompany silent medical conditions.Kidney issues are usually investigated because they influence how the body sets its blood pressure.Dietary choices, intake of a variety of foods, drink, power aid,caffeine, etc.are all potential issues.A good workup buy your doc is the place to start. Read more...

If you have high blood pressure can it cause you back pain?

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