Is circumcision a painful moment for a baby boy?

Briefly. Pain is minimised if topical anesthetic cream applied for 20 min before circ (we use tip of finger of a latex glove like a mini-condom) also administer sweetease sugar solution for baby to suck on. Sucking causes release of endorphins which tends to neutralise pain. Most babies give small, short whimper & then it's all over. Have had a few babies sleep thru the whole thing. No anesthesia = > pain.
Can be. Circumcision is potentially painful for an infant. It is less so in the us since the late 80's when local anesthetic was found safe. Now the initial numbing is brief, equal to the blood tests they get & they do fuss in the position used during the procedure.With a little sugar water on a finger most settle & seem unaware of the procedure.Little discomfort is evident afterward. Adults have it worse.