Are implants done in guyana and what is the cost. I am 21yrs old and I really wanna know if its hurt cause im at college n can't speak with these denture?

Dentures + implants . I am certain that implants are done in guyana, but with all medical procedure the cost would be relative to what the market can handle. You may find implants less expensive in other countries. If your dentures are well constructed then adding implants for stability and support may be of great help. But that is a big if! if your speech each is off now, it sounds like your denture isn't good!
Dental Implants. If you are truly 21 years old as you listed and you have a denture you have some serious issues that they need to be addressed regardless of what dental treatment you go ahead with. More importantly i would recommend that you not seek a quick inexpensive replacement just for convenience. I would locate the best restorative dentist that you can find and establish a long term solution, in the usa.
Long-term care. If you have a denture at age 21 and are having problems speaking with it, you need to see someone local for long-term plan and care. Implants are often used to give support and stability in denture treatment, but trouble-shooting problematic dentures is not a simple task sometimes: each problem is unique to every patient's mouth anatomy and functional needs. Take time to find an experienced dr.