If a baby is uncircumsized should the foreskin slide back so that you can clean the end of his penis?

Not immediately. Foreskin does not usually naturally begin retracting until children are 2-3 years old. Parents should gently stretch the foreskin daily with normal bathing in order to facilitate the process. Forcible retraction is not recommended. If the child is having ballooning of the foreskin with urination, utis, or foreskin infections, see a md who can prescribe a steroid cream.
No. No. No. Foreskin is only retracts fully in about 1% of newborns. Normal newborn & infant foreskins are adherent to the glans penis & should not be retracted. Washing outside of penis with soap & water is all that is required & also advised by the american academy of pediatrics. It is misguided advice, painful & damaging to forcibly retract the foreskin in infants. Leads to scarring & need for circumcision.