I'm epileptic and pregnant. What are the chances of my baby having epilepsy?

Not all inherited. Not all forms of epilepsy can be apassed on from mother to chilld. In part depends on the etiology of your seizures. Speak to your neurologist about the type of epilepsy you have ad is it one that can be inherited.
Depends... Upon which type of epilepsy you have. Many cases are not genetic, in which case your child would not have any particular risk.
No increased risk. Unless your epilepsy is caused by a genetic condition, your baby has no higher chance of epilepsy than anyone else's baby.

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Hi I'm currently pregnant, my partner is epileptic and I had epilepsy as a baby, what chance does our child have of inheriting it?

Not definite. Inheritance of epileptic disorder depends upon the type of epilepsy you two have had as they are not the same. Fortunately not all babies born to parents with epilepsy inherit the disorder. After the baby, you can discuss it further with your baby's doctor with more details. In the mean time, relax and don't forget to take your prenatal vitamins with folic acid☺️.

If I am pregnant and my spouse has epilepsy, does that mean the child will have it too?

No. While your child may have a slight increase rate of epilepsy compared to another child with no family history of the disease, it is absolutely certainly not a sure thing.
Variable issue. There are some genetic implications with the various forms of epilepsy but these vary with the type. These can run as high as a 50% inheritance risk in some forms. A visit with a geneticist in your local could help you define the collective risks derived from either side of the family.
It's NOT genetic. Most epileptics are due to some trauma to the brain, ie a high fever episode, accident, lack of oxygen to the brain, medications or others. Only genetic component only if associated with a syndrome.

I'm 19 years old pregnant and I have a epilepsy is my baby safe?

Depends. You do need to pursue prenatal care & work with your physician to find a seizure control medicine that does not create problems for the baby. I have known many moms that faced this issue & had several kids without problems.

If I have epilepsy, is it possible to have a successful pregnancy and healthy baby?

Yes. But recognize that presence of epilepsy medication can increase odds of fetal malformations. However, safer to take your anti-epileptic drug to prevent convulsion, which could harm baby.

My sister is pregnant and she has epilepsy and a bad kidney. What can she do to make sure her and the baby stay healthy?

Prenatal care. Selecting medicines with the least chance of hurting the baby while controlling her epilepsy is very important. Maintaining proper diet and rest while following her docs suggestions is also important. Once you do these things, only time will tell if there will be problems ahead, but you have done all there is to be prepared.

Can you have a normal pregnancy and healthy baby if you have an epilepsy disorder?

Yes. Yes you can. The most important questions your OB will ask is what medications are you on and when was your last siezure. Ideally, you'll want to be on as few anticonvusants as possible (one is preferable) and will need extra folate (folic acid) depending on your medications. Please see your physician for preconception counseling to iron out all these issues and best of luck to you.

What r chances of become pregnant at 21 with daily sex without protection, epilepsy and irregular cycles? I am trying to conceive!

Preconception counsl. Preconception counseling is strongly recommended, once this is is achieved, and all recommendations are in place, you most likely will need evaluation and treatment for irregular cycles to conceive.