I have hypothyroidism and can not lose weight. Infact I just seem to gain. I exercise 7 days a week. Very aggravatin. I shy away from invites.

When was your . Thyroid function test? It is important that this be under control to be able to better manage your weight. You also need to make sure that the calories burned remain greater than calories consumed. Take care.
Diet, thyroid dose. I am happy you are on Armour Thyroid but you may need a higher dose; ask your doc to measure your free t3 (liothyronine) (but don't take your daily dose within 4 hours)- it's reasonable to increase the dose to the upper end of the normal range (most docs mistakenly think if your TSH is ok you are on enough). See http://abt.Cm/1ntydpv ; http://bit.Ly/1cjnybx a healthy diet is also crucial- see comment re: diet:.