Constant nausea n dizzy, 2nd pack of bcp. Thought I was preg, but blood test came back neg (less than 2)five weeks since encounter. Can I still be preg?

Nope. Pregnancy tests very accurate within about two weeks of conception. What you're describing is more likely a side effect from birth control pills. I would give it another month, and if your symptoms do not improve, i would ask your doctor to change pills.
Maybe. In terms of when conception occurs and the blood test is drawn, if too early, then it might not indicate a pregnancy. I do not completely understand the way you listed the results, but if it has been five weeks since the encounter, and the tests are negative, then you are not pegnant.

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Constant nausea n dizzy. I am midway into 2nd pack bcp. Blood test five weeks after last encounter n hCG levels are less than 2.Can I still be pregnant?

Not likely. If you have been taking the pills and pregnancy test is negative, you are not pregnant. The nausea may be from the pills. Please consult your doctor to try a different formulation. Read more...