Speckled ana, raised esr, swollen painful knee and ankle, pains in feet and toes worse morning and night, headaches, lethargy, pins and needles hands?

Neuropathy. The numbness and tingling are symptoms of a possible neuropathy. The ESR is suggestive of an inflammatory disorder, which may depend how high the level is. There are several more common inflammatory disorders that can cause this constellation of syndromes and a rheumatologist and neurologist should be involved in your care.

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Knee locked this morning then it cracked. Couldn't weight bare afterwards due to sharp pain nw I keep getting pins and needles in my foot. Any advice?

Pinched nerve. Can cause pins and needles feeling. Is there a history of injury? Is there swelling? please rest, ice, and elevate ur knee and seek medical attention if u don't see any improvement In a day or two. Read more...

I have had this acute pain radiating from my back down my thigh chronic pain in my knee and pins and needles in my foot, my dr gave me gabapentin tramadol and diasapan but I have had this for three weeks now and the medication does not seem to work the pa

Consider MRI . It sound like you are experiencing sciatica, which is an irritation of a nerve in the back causing pain running down the leg. If it has been worsening over three weeks with what sounds like appropriate medications, an MRI will usually help to determine the root cause and tell you your treatment options. Read more...