What specifc therapy can be given to multi infarct stroke dementia patient, 67, to improve cognitive functions and part memory loss. Also need tips for the caregiver to understand the patients needs?

Support groups. A support group for caregivers of dementia patients or alzheimer's patients can be very helpful. There you can find out from others what their troubles have been and what they have tried. The alzheimer's association or the alzheimer's foundation of america have good online websites with information that often applies to all types of dementia including multiinfarct or vascular dementia.
Treat Cause. The brain is more capable of recover than we once thought. Most important would be to stop further injury. This allows the brain to begin to heal. The condition of atrial fibrillation suggests recurrent embolic events. Make sure the use of an anti-coagulant has been considered.
Listen to response. Prevent further emboli from atrial fibrillation. Natural therapies are nattokinase , vinpocetin, and dan shen. The later two have cognitive benefits. Improve brain circulation with movements like circulating outstretched arms, walking, swimming in air, skin contact, loving attention, and belief in recovery all help.

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Are there any non standard or special new treatments for multi infarct stroke dementia patient with loss of memory, cognitive functions?

No. At the present time, there is no new or novel treatment in patients who already had a stroke. There is only prevention of future strokes. Read more...
There are some. There are many different types of multi-infarct dementia. A single tiny stroke in the anterior nucleus of the thalamus can cause severe abulia that might respond to Dopamine agonists and psycho-stimulants to some extent. Trans cranial magnetic stimulation of the brain is being used for more and more conditions every day with some success. A lot depends on what structures have been damaged. . Read more...