Multi infarct stroke dementia patient, will stopping ssri antidepressant have a negative impact after some time and patient has shown improvement? Is it addictive or have a downer. Any ALT antidep's?

Vascular dementia. These days multi infarct dementia is referred to as vascular dementia. After a stroke there is evidence that ssri antidepressants help prevent post stroke depression. There is a little but not a lot of evidence that ssris help those with vascular dementia. Ssris are not addictive. For specific advice about using any antidepressant it would be best to see a mental health expert.
Worsening of symptom. Patient with chronic conditions like dementia and conditions like stroke will most likely develop depression. Adding the ssri helps. Taking it away will most likely produce a recurrence of there symptoms making them depressed or agitated again. Ssri have no addiction potential. In regards to alternative, mood stabilizers are also used if presenting with symptoms of aggression.
See a psychiatrist. Depression often occurs with individuals with multiinfarct dementia and ssris are very helpful . Patients notice improvement after several weeks but it would be beneficial to keep the antidepressants for at least 6 months. It is not addictive but when discontinued may have symptoms called "discontinuation syndrome" that are often similar to "withdrawal". There are several ssris to choose.

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