Pain behind last tooth. Swollen right tonsil. White stuff on it. Swollen neck glands right side. Right ear pain. I'm going crazy.

See a dentist. Hard to say what is going on without an exam, x-rays and a thorough history. Sounds like an infection around the gum tissue of the last (posterior) tooth- pericoronitis. But see a dentist to confirm.
Dental cause or not? It sounds like you could have a pericoronal infection where a flap of gum that covers part of an erupting molar gets infected. You need to see your dentist to determine if this is the cause and get on antibiotics. If not it could be an infection of the tonsils or surrounding tissues, but i would rule out the dental cause first before seeing your doctor. But don't wait or it could worsen.
Going to doctor. Your not going crazy - you're going to the doctor. This sounds like a serious infection that is spreading on that right side. I'm not sure if your primary problem is a dental abcess (with the tooth pain), or if it is a throat infection that is referring pain to your tooth/ear/neck. Regardless, you need complete evaluation by your doctor or an ent, and if tooth is tender when tap on it, dentist.

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Mild fever on and off swollen neck glands both sides, headake eye pain and some mild ear pain, tonsils swollen a little bit, with some white spots?

See Below. It sounds as if you are developing tonsillitis. Which is a viral or bacterial infection. You can treat your symptoms with pain relievers, gargling, and throat lozenges. If your symptoms do not improve in a couple of days, or they worsen, you should be seen. Read more...