26 yo male, 220lbs, 6'1". Multiple spinal injuries I resisted, but md upped meds from 10mg norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) 4/day, to 30mg opana 4/day, + 5mg opana ir up to 8/day. Overkill? Too young? Please advise asap. Thanks!

Depends on your. Pain. If you are uncomfortable with the pain management the see a pain management specialist .
Important. The injuries may be cause of the pain. However, it may be that the meds are the reason that the pain is either magnified or perpetuated. How do you know? If the meds are going to help, they would have. If your doctor can't see that meds, poorly done, are part of the problem- run for your life.
These meds are not. Your answer. While you may be able to tolerate them, this will continue and continue to happen. I personally think it is overkill, but importantly, its not setting you up for success to improve your pain. Please see someone else to see what other options are out there, including therapy (yes more), new medications, injections, and adjunct therapies like acupuncture, coping strategies, etc.
B sure you are... Seen by a spinal surgeon. Be evaluated, have x-rays done, and follow his/her .Recommendation for treatment.