I received an ANA titer postive test with speckled & homogeneous pattern on it my RA factor 7, now I am being referred to rheumologist. Is this lupus?

An autoimmune problm. It's an autoimmune problem, need additional testing to see what it is.
How high. Was the titer? The speckled pattern is seen in many conditions and in people who do not have any autoimmune disease.Anas can be found in approximately 5% of the normal population, usually in low titers (low levels). These people usually have no disease. Titers of 1:80 or lower are less likely to be significant. (ana titers of less than or equal to 1:40 are considered negative.) even higher titers are often insignificant in patients over 60 years of age. Ultimately, the ANA result must be interpreted in the specific context of an individual patient's symptoms and other test results. It may or may not be significant in a given individual.

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Ana titer value1:160 for 1and 2 with speckled and homogeneous patterns, RA factor 7, aso less than 100, ESR 29, segs 65.2. Is this lupus?

Positive ANA. Certainly suggestive of lupus. You need to follow with your promsry care physician or a rheumatologist for further tests and treatment. Read more...