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Missed miscarriage I am supposed to be 19 weeks pregnant as of saturday my last period was november 19th I had an ultra sound at 7 weeks and 2 days everything was fine and measuring correctly at 17 weeks they listened to my baby's heart beat with the dopp

I. I am sorry that you are going through this stressful experience. Fetal heart beat can usually be heard at 9 weeks in thinner women, and later in heavier women with a doppler (fetal heart monitor), however it can be seen much earlier, up to 6 weeks or sometimes even before, with an ultrasound. An ultrasound is much more accurate at both looking at the baby and measuring the heart rate than just the doppler.

They did a ob sono transvaginal didn't see my babies heart beat I'm 9 weeks?

Miscarriage. I am not sure what you want from us here. What did your OB say? It sounds like you have had a miscarriage. Correct?

I'm 19 weeks pregnant, when I lay down and walk abit my heart beat faster and I get dizzy at around those times, is this something I should be worried about and get checked as soon as possible?

Get checked. Get checked ASAP this is your first pregnancy and you still do not know what to expect. Mainly what you are describing is normal but it is safer for you and the baby to be checked out. Good luck.