How contagious is a baby with stomach virus and diarrhea symptoms?

Quite. Acute viral gastroenteritis generally is highly communicable through bodily secretions. In day care centers this will spread as rapidly as water through a sieve.

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How contagious is the stomach virus?

Stomach virus. There is not one specific virus capable of producing acute gastroenteritis, and when it occurs it is communicable generally by the fecal/oral route. Somebody with the virus handles your food or water and you become infected. Read more...

Is it possible to not catch a contagious stomach virus from someone you live with (don't share a room)?

YES. Most of these viruses (eg: Norovirus) LIVE ON SURFACES thus HAND WASHING and NOT SHARING dishes , bathroom supplies are the only way to avoid the vurus. BLEACH clean all surfaces touched by the infected person! Hope this helps Dr Z. Read more...