Can you have liver cirrosis if sgpt, sgot, gamma GT and alkaline are normal. No alcohol drinking, no hepatitis b or c? Do cirosis cause macrocanemia?

Yes. In fact, alcoholics who sober up may still be dying of cirrhosis with normal transaminases. You've got a right to know what's going on with your liver, and if you do not trust your personal physician, consider a specialist consult.

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My mother's sgot is 87 and sgpt 77, given I am not taking any drugs nor alcohol... Does that mean a liver cirrhosis or hepatitis?

You or mother? Mild elevations in liver enzymes, unknown significance, if not from alcohol, medications then possible from obesity as this is a leading cause of hepatitis. Discuss with your doctor. Mild elevations are not uncommon and don't usually indicated cirrhosis, but still finding a specific cause is important. Read more...

Normal sgpt, sgot, bilirubin count. I hve hepatitis b.But still my symptoms like nausea, abdomen discomfort perceivs. Why? Shud I need medications.

HepB NOT likely caus. You may have ibs, a functional gastrointestinal disorder characterized by some pain/cramping, altered bowel habits in the absence of specific/unique organic pathology/disease. Other symptoms common to ibs include bloating, gasiness, frequent/urge to have bm, early satiety, dyspepsia symptoms etc... Often = nuisances, but can be debilitating at times.. If u r concerned, consult doc.. Good luck. Read more...