My dad 70 yrs has macrocytic anemia. Hemoglobin 9.5, hematocrit 28. Hematologist gave maltofer pill a day. In a month hemoglobin 10 hematocrit 30?

What is the question. Please rephrase your question to get a better answer. Please discuss in detail with his hematologist. The fact that hematologist gave the iron- means that your hematologist thinks there is a component of iron deficiency. So, continue iron and f/u with your md. However, it does not fit exactly with macrocytosis. Other work up still needs to be done to see explanation for macrocytosis.
Whoa. Something is wrong. Oral iron admnistration is inappropriate for an anemia of unknown cause. A macrocytic anemia is very unlikely to be due to iron deficiency. Iron deficiency in a man is due to blood loss from cancer until proved otherwise. Strongly suggest you find a physician who's a better communicator and/or scientifically focused.