Do people usually abort due to major genetic disorders identified in the unborn child?

Genetica. This is certainly a dilemma faced by prospective parents every day. Those decisions are based on religious beliefs, what the genetic abnormality is and what the long and short term prognosis is. When one gets this kind of diagnosis a consultation with a certified genetics counselor is always recommended so that an educated decision can be made.
Depends. The decision to end a pregnancy is a very personal one. It is considerably more complex for parents who realize their attempt at pregnancy did not produce a healthy fetus but one condemmed to brief life of chronic pain or disability.The parents i know that would not terminate such a pregnancy would never go thru the risky testing to confirm the defect.
Genetic disorders. Certainly many people at risk for children with major genetic disorders will abort a child when they find that it is affected. Some people at risk for children with a major genetic disorder do continue to carry the baby. They just want to know whether the baby is affected or not.