Joint pain in hands hgb is 8.9 ESR 36, no RA factor. Pain under ribs on both sides, prolactin serum 45 pain in legs, knees nd soles aftr restng, what?

Inflammation. Elevated ESR is a nonspecific indicator of inflammation. You are anemic, have multiple joint pains. Just because RA is negative does not mean you do not have some other type of arthritis or possible infection. You need to follow up with your doctor for further testing.
You are anemic! I hope you are under the care of a good doctor. You need to find out the cause of your anemia. It may be related to some kind of rheumatic condition, so a rheumatologist may be the most helpful specialist to diagnose your condition and provide proper treatment. But it sounds serious, so you need quick attention.
See details. It is impossible to give a specific answer based on the information you provided. However, the anemia and elevated sed rate suggest an inflammatory process. I urge you to seek consultation with a rheumatologist if you have not done so already.