Can the genital herpes virus be passed to a baby through breast feeding?

No. As long as there are no lesions or outbreaks that occur on the breast and you wash your hands after using the bathroom, there you should not be able to transmit the virus.
Only.... ..If, through poor hygiene, virus-contaminated secretions are smeared by unwashed hands on the breast.

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Is it possible to pass the genital herpes virus through breastfeeding?

Not. The herpes virus generally passes through contact from an infected lesion to broken skin or mucus membrane. You wouldn't want to expose the baby (or anybody) to an open sore or contaminated hands or objects.
Not. Only germs that enter your blood have the potential to enter your breast milk. This one will not. This germ passes through direct skin to skin contact.

If I take acyclovir for a year, will it effectively reduce the amount of genital herpes virus in me I have genital herpes and when I got it, my ex-boyfriend didn't have any outbreak or at least I didn't see it. So I'm really worried if I will pass it to m

Unfortunately. Unfortunately the herpes virus will remain dormant in your nerves indefinitely. The twice daily Acyclovir is merely suppressing the virus in order to decrease frequency and duration of outbreaks. The odds of you passing the herpes virus on to your partner is decreased when there are no active lesions, and further decreased while on suppressive therapy. You will have to discuss the risks with him and decide what's right for you as a couple. As far as pregnancy goes, you can try to achieve a pregnancy like anyone else. The issue is during delivery. There are complications that can occur during delivery if an outbreak is present. If you decide to become pregnant your OB or provider will guide you on treatment and delivery options.

Normally, how long would the genital herpes virus live outside of the body?

Not long. On most surfaces, maximum survival is measured in a matter of seconds. It may be prolonged on warm, wet surfaces, but it still remains a very delicate virus outside the body.

How long does the genital herpes virus live on the sheets outside of the body?

Not long. Viruses require living cells in which to propagate in order to remain viable. As soon as they are expelled as free virus they will not last long against environmental conditions. If living cells containing virus are excreted, they too will not survive very long. This is one of the reasons that there is seldom if ever transmission of these agents by inanimate objects.

Is the genital herpes virus present in your urine, saliva, semen etc.?

No. In people with genital herpes, the virus is only present in the infected skin and the nerves supplying that area. It cannot be transmitted through urine or saliva, and probably not semen.

Is the cold sore virus the same as genital herpes virus?

Yes. The virus you are referring to is called herpes simplex virus (hsv). There are 2 main types: type 1 and type 2. Type 1 is more commonly associated with cold sores and type 2 is more commonly associated with genital herpes. The virus is transmitted via direct contact with the sores of someone who is already infected with it. There is currently no known cure for hsv infections.
Herpes simplex. There are two serological types of this virus. It was formerly felt that type1 produced oral and lip cold sores and that type2 produced genital herpes, but with oral sex so common both types can be found in both places. The virus is essentially the same, but the serotypes are different. There is also some difference in their capacity to produce central nervous system disease.