Can my baby safely be around someone who is receiving radiation treatment for cancer?

I answer a. Form of this question daily. If radiotherapy sources are placed inside an individual, and they are allowed home, your baby shuold be able to be within 10 feet for 30 minutes, and a kiss and hug for a few seconds. If the treatment is external beam, there is no radiation in the patient outside the room, no risk to a baby.
Yes, except. Radiation treatment with external radiation does not make a person radioactive and he/she poses no risk to others. The exception being the person who has radioactive material implanted in her/his body or has been administered an isotope; e.g., radioactive seeds for prostate cancer or radio iodine for thyroid cancer.
Radiation types. Radiation can be delivered in different forms: 1- external beam radiation is when the patient lays on the machine and receives raiation daily, this has no effect on other people. 2- seed implants and/or brachytherapy is when patient has small tubes inserted and radiation pellets injected in these tubes, in these patients radiation can possibly affect other people around them.