Can hydrocortisone cream hurt your unborn child, if you use it during pregnancy?

Topical cream. Topical Hydrocortisone creams are usually used on the skin. Only a small amount is absorbed and that can't harm the baby.
Unlikely. Simple topical use of mild steroid creams will cause problems with fetal development. Ingestion of any medication would be a different matter as it enters the circulation. Any ingested med would have its own safety profile for a fetus.

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Is hydrocortisone cream or ointment safe to use in pregnancy? I have a irritated bug bite and used some ointment will it harm the baby?

It's fine. A little bit of topical steroid is not going to harm anyone or anything. You don't absorb enough into your system to even make a tiny blip in your systemic levels - that's the beauty of being able to put it on topically! Read more...