Can a woman who received kidney transplant get pregnant and have a baby safely?

Yes. I ask my patients to wait at least one year after transplant. We want to follow them closely while pregnant and we like to have a relationship with their OB provider.
Absolutely. It is recommended that you wait one year after your kidney transplant before attempting to become pregnant. After this year, if things are going well then there should be no reason not to precede with family planning. However if there are issues with the transplant, then you may want to wait until these medical issues are resolved as a malfunctioning kidney could be dangerous to you and a child.
Certainly possible. Over 3, 000 women have had babies following kidney transplantation. Women are advised to wait at least a year after transplantation during which rate of rejection is highest. Consult with nephrologist + high risk maternal fetal specialist. Risks for u & baby r quite high. National transplantation pregnancy registry, located at jefferson medical college, philadelphia. Website :-www.Tju.Edu/ntpr.