My period is 13 days late. Home pregnancy test is negative. Lower back pain, increase of appetite, lower abdominal pain and frequent headaches. Help?

Need more info. One home pregnancy test if negative does not mean that you are not pregnant. You have symptoms that can be related to a pregnancy or other gyn problem. Please make an appointment with your gyn.

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My tubes are tied, I've missed my period! Took a home pregnancy test, was negative. Why haven't I started? Lower back pain, other than that I'm fine.

Irregular cycles. Cycles can commonly be irregular, skip. Illnesses, stress, strenous exercise, obesity have all been shown to cause cycle irregularity. If you don't' start, i would repeat a pregnancy test in a week or so. Tubals are not 100% effective in preventing pregnancy. Read more...

I have an irregular period and I have taken 3 home pregnancy test all negative. Now my breast are sore, lower back pain, cramping, lower part is hard.

Pre-menstrual. Pre-menstrual symptoms and pregnancy have a lot in common. Sounds like you are not pregnant, but you could be having pre-menstrual symptoms and period is on its way. It can be very difficult to discriminate when period is irregular. Ibuprofen can help with the pain, and then consider seeing doctor for birth control pills to help regulate your period if that's something that's concerning you. Read more...