Lfts worsening-serum gammagt level 647u/l, serum alk phosphate 654u/l.Othr blood/heps normal. Mri &scans done. 3polyps large14mm in gallbladder-remove?

See specialist. The elevation in ggtp and alkaline phosphatase in the setting of gallbladder polyps that large mandates that you see a liver specialist before embarking on surgery. There are two types of specialists you should see, a hepatologist, a liver internal medicine doctor to make sure this is not some type of hepatitis or liver disease and then a liver surgeon to decide if the polyp is cancerous. Do asap.
Yes. Any solid mass larger than 10 mm in the gallbladder requires gallbladder removal to r/o malignancy. If xrays show no lesions in the liver then there is something else going on. Get out pt liver biopsy prior to any surgery with an anaesthetic.