Can you still be pregnant and get your period?

Small chance. Usually a normal period implies a lack of pregnancy. However there are always exceptions to every rule. There are cases of period-like bleeding during pregnancy which can delay the diagnosis. If your pregnancy test is positive and you are having bleeding, then you need to see a doctor asap.
No... If you are pregnant and have what you think is your period, it is not your period. It is bleeding during pregnancy. If you are known to be pregnant and have bleeding, then you need to contact your doctor. It can either be normal, associated with miscarriage, related to an ectopic pregnnacy, or related to the location of the placenta. You are not clear about how far along you are !

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I am confused about can you still be pregnant and get your period?

See below. You can't have your period while pregnant, but you can bleed while pregnant. Up to 30% of pregnant women will bleed at the time of their expected period because of implantation bleeding. This is bleeding due to the baby attaching to the wall of the womb. The mother often mistates this for her period. Read more...

Can you still be pregnant even if you get your period?

Early pregnancy. Some people will have bleeding at the time of the missed period, though it is usually lighter than usual. This is implantation bleeding which can occur when the embryo is growing into the lining of the uterus. However it can also be a sign of a miscarriage. Getting a blood pregnancy test and repeating it in 3 days to make sure it is still rising will let you know if everything is ok. Read more...

Can you still get pregnant if you get your normal monthly period a few hours after unprotected sex? I also took Plan B 60 hours after this occurred.

No. You are typically not fertile during your menstrual cycle. Plan b was probably not necessary and may cause your next period to be at an abnormal time. In the future emergency contraception has the best results if used within 48 hours. Read more...