Lab results: hight tibc, normal range iron and saturation. Have been passing mucus and blood (few times in past few months) even without stool. Awaiting colonoscopy. Could my lab results mean anemia?

Depends on your Hemo. Anemia, by definition, means low hemoglobin level. So we need to know your hemoglobin(hb) in order to answer your question. If it is over 12 grams, you do not need to worry about your iron and TIBC etc.
Look again at lab sh. You are looking at iron stores which is a different subject. Look at hemoglobin (hb) and hematocrit (hct). Anemia is defined by these numbers. Ask your dr to explain your labs with you.There are hundreds of anemias. Iron deficiency is but 1 kind. If there is iron deficiency, it is due to blood loss. If this is found, you want to discover the site of bleeding.