Stitching for wisdom teeth extraction came out, 13 days after extraction, and their is small hole, and is tender and slight pain, is this a problem?

Normal healing. That is a pretty normal time for sutures to be lost. It may take a few more weeks for the wound to completely close. Some slight pain would be normal. At this point keep the area clean, if you have an irrigator that would be helpful, swish with warm salt water. If swelling develops or the pain increases, see your provider to have it checked out.
Request exam. Please request your dentist/surgeon a post-extraction exam for your extraction site. While many conditions may be normal and only a part of healing process, we cannot give a correct diagnosis based only on written descriptions. A quick exam will give you much more customized post-extraction care recommendation. Please visit your dentist….!
Wisdom tooth healing. It is normal for you to see a hole where the tooth was. This will take some time to fill in. Keep it as clean as possible. Make sure you rinse after eating to keep food debris from building up in the area. You may be healing normally but call the extracting dentist if you are concerned, they will.Help you.