How to tell if I have melena?

Define melena. Melena, by definition, is passage of dark stools stained with denatured blood. As we established in prior healthtap answers, all dark stool is not melena. Your doctor, or even an over-the-counter test that you can purchase, can check to see if your dark stool contains blood. Needed is for you to provide a sample of the dark stool. False positive results can occur based on diet & stool additives.

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How can I tell if I have melena (blood in my intestines)?

Stool test 4 blood. Melena is commonly used to refer to old blood in the stool, giving it a characteristic blackish color and noticeable smell, as any nurse/med student can tell you. A simple stool test for hidden blood (guiac or hemoccult) can differentiate it from other possible causes and lead to prompt evaluation if needed, or reassurance if not! Read more...