How can I relieve my leg itching?

Be seen. There are way too many different conditions to suggest a specific cure. You could try an antihistamine like Benadryl (diphenhydramine) at a 25-50mg three times a day.

Related Questions

Leg itching mostly in bed. Why is that?

Many reasons. Most important is to see your doctor! Could be simple as bed bugs, or fleas, but could be a vascular condition warning you of diabetes, or peripheral artery disease. If you are a women who is perimenopausal, or on bc pills, these are synthetic hormones and can really create havoc in your reproductive system, one symptom of which is itchy legs or hot feet. Find an exp biodentical specialist.

Why is my leg itching in spring? Used to only get dry in winter.

Eczema? It sounds like eczema, or chronic dry skin. See your regular doctor or dermatologist, and see if a cream or ointment will help.

Lower leg itching is this common with glandular fever?

Not necessarily. Let your doctor know about this. He or she may be able to give you medication for this.

Numbness in upper leg. Jerky movments of the leg. Itching in some areas, but no rash. Sensation of cold and heat, spasms. Stabbing pains?

Sympathetic nerves. While these symptoms are very disconcerting and frustrating, unlikely they suggest a serious abnormality. The autonomic nervous system is made up of a sympathetic and parasympathetic coordination which regulates our organ systems without our conscious control. These systems can become out of balance and create symptoms like yours. Breathing techniques and meditation have both been shown to help.

Skin rash lower leg itching and like pimples in small area and also up calf. But spread out - more on one leg than other?

Skin Rash Leg/itchin. It is very difficult to say exactly what it can be for sure without looking at the rash. But from description it seems you have some kind of contact dermatitis of allergic type as it is only limited to one leg. You should see your doctor to have it diagnosed and treated properly as it may be fungus or some other infection causing the rash.

Son suffers from anxiety severe sunburn and blistery rashes from sun canker soars fatigue joint pain and now leg itching resulting in rash. Lupus?

Need more history. In that the above information is insufficient to make a specific diagnosis. How much sun exposure? Is son fair or olive skin? One joint or multiple? Injury or none? Appearance of rash, possible contact or exposure, history of eczema, etc. If chronic and feeling fatigued, start with a physical by your doctor and blood tests may be helpful.