What are the causes of macrocytic anemia for elderly? If no vitamins defficiency, no RBC breakdown, no thyroid and liver problems & normal wbc

See hematologist. As my previous answer, your dad should see a hematologist for his anemia. Work-up including a bone marrow biopsy should be done- one of the thing we should rule out is possibility of myelodysplastic syndrome. However we are not able to give you more specific answer without seeing all the complete result of previous work-up and examining your father. So, start by asking pmd to refer to hematologist.

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What is the possible problem for 70 yrs old man with macrocytic anemia. Hb 9, retic count. 85%, MCV 108. Vitamins, liver, kidney, wbc, plat. Normal?

Macrocytic Anemia. Anemia is due to (a) decreased RBC production, (b) increased RBC destruction, and/or (c) blood loss. Macrocytic RBCs and low reticulocyte count suggest decreased RBC production. Common causes: folate def, B12 def, alcohol, liver disease, hypothyroidism. Less common causes: myelodysplastic syndrome, LGL leukemia, acute leukemia, HBV, HCV, HIV. Drugs can cause MA: Hydrea, (hydroxyurea) zidovudine, etc. Read more...

My dad has normal tests of liver and kidneys. Also normal urine test, vitamin b12, heart, mch, wbc, and no tumor. But got macrocytic anemia. Why?

Labs. How high is the MCV and how low is the Hb? A blood B12 can be misleading in come cases, a more definite test is needed, called Methylmalonic acid acid level along with RBC folate level and not just a pure folic acid level. If they are normal. In some cases a Homcystine level may be needed. Best of luck. Read more...