A zinc oxide or other sunscreen recommended all the time?

Yes. You should be using sunscreen on at least a daily basis. Zincoxideis one of the safest and most effective active ingredients in sunscreen.
Depends. Sunscreens with uv blockers can prevent sun damage to the skin in the short and long run. Chronic sun exposure can lead to skin cancers later in life as well as skin degredation giving it a coarse leathery appearance in later life. This is especially necessary if you have pale skin or live in a very sunny climate like australia.

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Which sunscreens on the market in the US offer the best UVA/UVB protection and do you recommend physical (zinc oxide) vs. Chemical sun filters?

Sun Block is better. In order to provide full skin protection, a sun block should contain either Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. This will provide full protection. Also it should be reapplied often like every 2 hours when at the beach or the pool. Remember also that the higher the SPF, the more chemicals you will have in the formulation. Read more...
Which sunscreen. Zinc oxiide best and with least allergic potential. Most SPF blocks have titanium oxide which is easier to incorporate and less expensive, but there is still a 4% allergy rate to the later. Zinc can give a light palor to the skin but try Shisedo. The zinc block is the best but can be thick in some foundations and makeup. Use the sun wisely 11 am to 2 pm . Get your vitamin D early in the da.y. Read more...