I'm positive for candida yeast infection my penis was very itchy doctor give me tavanic 1000 & Fucidin 2% been 2 month and still itchy any stronger m?

F/u with MD. You should go back to see your dermatologist- or whoever doctor gave you the medicine and have further examination. You have both genital wart and candidiasis, and as you know the anti fungal infection will not help the wart- so follow up obviously would need to be done.

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I have a yeast infection and my doctor gave me a pill I took about 3days ago, I feel better but I'm still kind of itchy and still have discharge?

AnItchInTimeSaves9. Yeah, that can happen. Sometimes you may need a day or three. But sometimes, it's just the healing process getting rid of stuff. Hard to say. But more importantly, were you tested for anything else? Maybe you need another medication for that. Best to ask your doctor about all this, especially if things don't clear-up in a couple of days.........naaah, just get checked... Read more...

I just got rid of what I thought to be a yeast infection last week. Now I am very itchy and and red down there also the labia minor has red spots. Help?

Could still be yeast. Do not apply Hydrocortisone for any type of Infection. How did you get rid of Yeast Infection? May be it did not get cured. OTC Vaginal cream Monistat1, 3, 7 are available. You can use it for 1,3 or 7 days. If you already used it and you need to be examined by the Physician for proper Diagnosis. May be Red spot is due to your nails scratching. Read more...