How to get rid of skin swelling caused by sunburn?

Cool soaks. Soak some washcloths or small towels in cool water and apply them to the burned areas. And learn mr. Sun's lesson: apply a good broad-spectrum sunscreen lotion whenever you go out in the sun!
Cold compress,aspiri. Aspirin or other nsaids such as allege, Motrin can help with swelling. Cold milk compresses 5 minutes a hour will decrease temperature followed by aloe vera for its soothing properties.

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How can someone get rid of sunburn marks on pale skin?

Tincture of time. Sunburn heals by itself in about 7 to 10 days. Cool wet soaks and a good emollient cream might speed the process a bit. But the important thing is to learn the lesson mr. Sun is trying to teach you: that he is our friend, but we must respect his power. Apply a good broad-spectrum sunscreen every morning, whether you plan on sunbathing or not. Read more...

How to get rid of permanent sunburn/tanned skin?

Treatment sun damage. It sound as if you are describing brown and red discoloration related to long-term sun exposure. This can often be treated with a combination of topical products and laser surgery. I suggest you consult with an expert laser surgeon in your area. Read more...

How do I cover up or get rid of these skin spots from my skin peeling after a sunburn?

Sunscreen. Daily application of a broad spectrum sunscreen will help prevent this predicament. Once a sunburn has occurred, it is important to use an oil free moisturizer to encourage recovery of the epidermal and dermal damage. Use of an oil free cosmetic may be used to camouflage any spots until the skin heals. Read more...