Ovarian cancer, omental caking, spread though peritoneum --what is prognosis?

Probably not great. This seems like advanced disease that is relatively widespread. This would likely be treated with chemotherapy, like Paclitaxel and cisplatin. In cycles. This has been shown to have a 5 year survival of up to 20%.
You are. Describing stage iii-c ovarian cancer. The outlook for cure is not likely, but survival for some time with treatment is expected. The tumor is debulked, and managed in the us by gyn oncologists. Chemotherapy is important. Re-look surgery can help prognosticate and suggest change or continuing treatment.
Guarded. What you are describing sounds like a stage iii ovarian cancer case. The treatment has improved but most statistics show a 50% 5 year survival. With maximal debunking and aggressive chemotherapy there have been patients with no evidence of disease for several years, but often the cancer can come back after treatment.

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If I have ovarian cancer, omental caking, spread though peritoneum, what is my prognosis?

Depends on surgery. Ovarian cancer has a high incidence of metastasis. When it occurs surgical debuling is the procedure of choice. The omentum becomes involved due to presence of TGF-B producing caking and leading to ascites followed by diaphragm and small bowel seeding. Best results with total omentectomy and debulking to no lesion left that is larger than 1 cm or smaller. Chemo then can be effective.

What to do about ovarian cancer, omental caking, spread though peritoneum --prognosis?

Can be helped. A radical resection of the omentum essentially removing the entire cake of tumor is performed eliminating vasucular permeability factor that leads to ascites. All peritoneal nodules are resected to smaller than 1 cm. And patient then placed on chemotherapy. Occassionally hyperthermic peritoneal chemotherapy lavage employed. Often patients may be cured if not helped in terms of survival.