Does anyone know much about peritoneum cancer?

Poor prognosis. Primary peritoneal cancer is rare. Primary tumor may be mesothelioma or an ovarian cancer like lesion. Almost any metastatic tumor can spread to the peritoneum, common ones being ovary, pancreas, colon, stomach. Either primary or metastatic, peritoneal cancer is incurable.
I shall volunteer. The peritoneum is a lining in the abdomen. It can be involved with cancer in many ways. The cancer can start there, but more likely, it originates in other organs and sites and then spreads to the peritoneum. Ovary and colon are cancers which spread to the peritoneum. Age, sex, family history, smoking, asbestos exposure..? Tell us more about.....Please.
Yes. This is a rare disease. Some patients can be treated with an operation. This is highly dependent on the results of the ct scan. If surgery is not an option, there are chemotherapy regimens that can help. Overall, chemo for this disease is not as successful as other cancers. Md anderson and the university of pittsburgh are the biggest centers with the most experience.